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Racial equity. Gender equity. Age equity. Equity comes in many forms. Northspan’s Welcoming Community program provides a newsletter where we explore equity themes along with the latest news about regional projects and initiatives, events happening across the Northland, and more! 

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April 2024: Language Equity 

March 2024: Digital Equity 

February 2024: Racial Equity


November 2023: Representation Equity

October 2023: Safety Equity 

September 2023: Nutrition Equity 

August 2023: Business Ownership Equity 

July 2023: Disability Equity 

June 2023: LGBTQI+ Equity 

May 2023: Health Equity 

April 2023: Financial Literacy Equity 

March 2023: Gender Equity 

February 2023: Educational Equity 


December 2022: Environmental Equity

November 2022: Cultural Equity 

October 2022: Housing Equity 

September 2022: Historical Equity 

August 2022: Expression Equity 

July 2022: Age Equity 

June 2022: Social Capital Equity 

May 2022: Entrepreneurial Equity 

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