Business Development

Northspan’s business development services nest within a network of public and private partners to provide critical gap services. We work with companies of all sizes through growth and transition to grow the economy in the communities we serve to:

Structure and facilitate financing for projects
Provide expertise in packaging loan and grant applications
Partner with communities and financial institutions to provide loan program support services
      • Loan fund administration and staffing
      • Loan fund design services
        • Provide design and development frameworks for loan fund operating procedures that include loan program policies and guidelines and approval processes for loan application requests
      • Loan program underwriting services
        • Provide staff support, underwriting, and risk analysis to development organizations and banks
        • Provide third party loan review and underwriting services that include a comprehensive written credit analysis and credit recommendation
        • Conduct third party project financial feasibility analysis for banks and public entities
Partner with community banks to provide Small Business Administration (SBA) 7a Loan Guaranty program services
      • Prepare and package SBA applications
        • Northspan has a long history and considerable experience in the preparation of SBA 7a Loan Guaranty applications, resulting in successful approval of project financing. We work closely with SBA applicants and the bank lender to discuss project viability and eligibility, the application process, determine the application informational needs, and submit the completed application to SBA.
      • Facilitate sale of SBA loan guarantees
        • Northspan offers SBA loan guarantee sale facilitation services, which gives our SBA lender clients the opportunity to sell the guaranteed portion of SBA loans on the secondary market. Premiums from loan sales offer the potential for significant revenue enhancement to SBA lenders.
Provide accredited business valuation and succession planning
    • Assist companies of all sizes through growth and transition
    • Deliverables you can expect with our process:
      • A business valuation report that includes recommendations for value enhancement
      • A succession plan tailored to your business’s unique situation, with input from a team of professionals, including but not limited to:
        • Succession facilitator
        • Legal counsel
        • Financial advisor
        • Accountant
      • An emergency succession plan document to help you prepare for the unexpected
    • Support from a USDA Rural Development grant may be available to expand services