Organizational Development

Northspan improves the health and vitality of boards, councils, committees, groups, and collaborations through organizational development that builds capacity, improves decision-making, and enhances effectiveness.

  • Coordinate and facilitate strategic planning processes
  • Provide technical assistance for change, growth management, and development
  • Provide meeting management and planning services
  • Facilitate economic adjustment, crisis response, and readiness planning initiatives
  • Conduct project feasibility studies and economic impact analyses

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation Services

Northspan has long been a leader in guiding crucial conversations and developing clear, well-defined action plans to turn them into reality. We bring an objective, inclusive approach to facilitation that seeks to bring out creative new solutions and leverage all available resources. Our long-term engagement in Cook County, which led to the county’s first new housing development in decades, is just one of many recent examples.

Feasibility Studies & Technical Assistance

Northspan plays a vital role in due diligence processes that assess the viability of new projects or programs. We work with clients to establish operating assumptions, develop projections based on the assumptions, and provide clear and dispassionate recommendations on whether to proceed. Our work on the Bell Program, a new engineering bachelor’s degree program on the Iron Range, is a recent example of this work.