Strategic Planning Work in 2021

In recent months, we’ve worked with several clients to develop operational strategic plans. While these three organizations each have their own unique characteristics and operate in different circumstances, they shared similarities across the strategic planning process: 

  • Kanabec County Economic Development Authority: The Kanabec County EDA and several identified stakeholders participated in three virtual sessions, including a planning survey, a strategic directions consensus workshop, and a session to assess current realities and success indicators. Participants formulated a timeline to guide a new three-year plan with five strategic directions that build on past efforts and address emerging challenges in the county. Learn more here.
  • Hermantown Economic Development Authority: Two virtual sessions with the Hermantown EDA board and staff revisited the organization’s mission, value statements, and strategic directions to complete an operational plan with new strategic directions which set the stage for a deliberate process to plan for the community’s growth. Learn more here.
  • Chester Bowl Improvement Club: The nonprofit supporting Chester Bowl Park in Duluth, MN, sought to raise capital to provide affordable access to its ski hill and summer camps, and to ensure that use of its programming reflects the demographics of surrounding neighborhoods. Two three-hour virtual sessions with the CBIC board and staff reviewed and re-affirmed the mission and objectives and created five new strategic directions. Learn more here.

The Northspan preferred method for strategic planning works for organizations of all sizes and types: nonprofits, government organizations, quasi-government groups, community groups, and more. You can find a quick overview of how our process works plus tips for success here.

You can also view/download a PDF with details on our full strategic planning method here: Northspan Preferred Strategic Planning Method