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Why Attend these sessions:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of workforce shortages through data analysis and expert insights.

  • Community Engagement: Join a community of changemakers, stakeholders, and advocates dedicated to solving workforce challenges.

  • Actionable Strategies: Discover practical solutions, best practices, and resources that can be applied locally to make a positive impact.

  • Personal Empowerment: Uncover opportunities for individuals to upskill, gain confidence, and unlock their potential in the workforce.

  • Collaborative Learning: Benefit from the collective wisdom of experts, panelists, and peers in the realm of workforce development.


Session #1: State of the Workforce: Where are the Workers?

Date: Tuesday, October 17th

Description: Join us for an informative session as we dive into the data behind workforce shortages, both in our local community and across the nation. Regional Labor Market Analyst, Carson Gorecki, will give a dynamic presentation that sheds light on the heart of workforce matters. A panel discussion will follow exploring the obstacles and persistent barriers that may be holding people back from entering the workforce. Together, we’ll learn about regional solutions, share invaluable best practices, and uncover a treasure trove of resources.

Session #2: Unlocking Talent: Innovative Approaches to Effective Recruitment

Date: Tuesday, November 7th

Description: Are you interested in expanding your recruitment efforts? Join us for a session devoted to discussing strategies to recruit a diverse range of candidates. This dynamic panel discussion will highlight a variety of topics and innovative perspectives to refresh the way you think about recruiting employees for your organization. Gain insights from industry experts, explore new avenues for talent acquisition, and discover actionable approaches that will elevate your recruitment efforts.

Session #3: The Stay Factor: Crafting a Workplace that Keeps Employees

Date: Tuesday, December 5th

Description: In a constantly changing employment environment, nurturing, and harnessing local talent has become a cornerstone of organizational success. We invite you to our informational session and panel discussion detailing local and regional resources for training, upskilling, and fostering talent development. Hear from workforce development agencies, local experts, and employers who are tackling the challenges of employee attraction and retention.

Session #4: What Does it Mean to be a Welcoming Workplace?

Date: Wednesday, January 10th

Description: Being a welcoming workplace goes beyond hiring; it's about creating and maintaining an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Local experts will give a presentation about how your organization can positively adapt to be a more welcoming, collaborative environment, and the City of Duluth Equity Committee will present the new Employer Toolkit. A panel discussion will follow with a conversation about adapting to changing employee expectations.

Location: Clyde Iron

2920 W. Superior St., Duluth, MN



11am - Doors Open/Lunch Available

11:30am - Presentations and Discussion

1:00pm - Adjourn


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