Northland Connection: What We’re Reading

Economic Innovation Group: A rescue package for Main Street businesses amid the coronavirus crisis. Read More.

Area Development: Site certification programs are all the rage now, so what’s most important in ensuring a site truly is development ready? Read More.

New York Times: Big data makes identifying people easier, so the Census is doctoring its numbers to protect confidentiality. That could have huge implications for rural communities. Read More.

Strong Towns: Chuck Marohn discusses the shortcomings of a community development approach that chases available money instead of focusing on community priorities. Read More.

The W.E. Upjohn Institute: A recent policy brief by Evan Mast provides empirical data to support the claim that developing market-rate housing can help ease shortages of affordable housing for those with lower incomes. Read More. (Thanks to our friends at the Northland Foundation for passing this along.)