Upper Minnesota Film Office

The Upper Minnesota Film Office (UMFO) promotes Northeast Minnesota as a location for contract filming of movies, documentaries, commercials, and related video media productions. It serves as the single point of contact for coordinated professional responses to prospect needs and expectations and film production across northeastern Minnesota and supports projects throughout their development.

UMFO provides location scouting for feature films, television commercials, national print campaigns, and documentaries. UMFO also assists with crew referrals, lodging assistance, press and public relations, and introductions to key officials. UMFO works collaboratively with the Minnesota Film and TV Board and other regional, national, and international interests to attract video production opportunities.

UMFO was established in 1996 by The Northspan Group, Inc. and receives support from the Minnesota Film and TV Board, Visit Duluth, and the Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation. It has been a driver of economic development both through film production and in numerous supporting industries, including accommodations, food, and entertainment for film crews. UMFO has also brought national exposure to northeast Minnesota as a destination for filmmaking and helped bring several major film festivals to northeast Minnesota.

For more information about UMFO, please contact Riki McManus:

218.940.3770    riki@mnfilmtv.org