Support Northland Connection!

Northland ConnectionNorthland Connection is a collaborative effort to compile regional-level information that would not be possible without partner support. Each year, approximately 15 funding partners join forces to fund Northland Connection. These partners include cities, counties, local and regional development organizations, state agencies, and utilities. We thank them for their continued support and commitment to the program!

Northland Connection welcomes new members who fit these categories and encourages anyone interested in supporting the program to reach out. Members attend quarterly advisory committee meetings that feature presentations on regional trends and have access to expanded data services through our programs. We feature funders’ organizations and properties through the website and our newsletter.

As we always remind people, Northland Connection is more than a website: it’s access to some of the most comprehensive information available on economic data and commercial real estate in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. We’ll always provide bread-and-butter services like managing the property database and , but additional support gives us the capacity to explore the region’s data more deeply and offer our insights into trends, as we have in areas like the Duluth housing market or regional unemployment rates. Interested in learning more? Contact Karl Schuettler at!