Q&A: Miriam Kero, Northspan Consultant and Northland Connection Program Manager

Miriam Kero joined the Northspan team in spring 2022. As a Northspan consultant and program manager for Northland Connection, Miriam provides community and organizational development services as well as support to Northspan’s partners through demographic data, economic analysis, and information on commercial real estate.

Miriam brings over 25 years of experience in industry, government, nonprofit, and education. With a specialty in communication, Miriam is practiced in engaging people, communities, and organizations in strategic development work.

Q: What drew you to this role?

Miriam: One of my past careers was in community and economic development. There I developed a passion for building the place I want to live: Establishing an indoor park for little ones, community walking and biking maps, community branding… When I saw the opportunity to do this work on a regional scale, I felt inspired. Meeting the Northspan team and learning of their reputation fanned my interest.

Q: What are some key highlights from what you’re working on now and in the months ahead?

Miriam: I have focused on meeting folks across the region to learn what is happening in their communities and how we can support their efforts. I have visited with economic development representatives from International Falls to Fond du Lac, Grand Rapids to the East Range. Through these visits I have learned of new properties we can feature in Northland Connection and the many exciting development opportunities coming to fruition.

Transitioning into Karl Schuettler’s program manager role for Northland Connection, I have been able to help find property options for partners, research demographic data for programs, and connect folks to others doing related work. Those connections are magic! Being able to facilitate community and economic development feels amazing.

In addition to my support of the Northland Connection site and inquiries, future work includes supporting the East Range Joint Powers Board in implementing actions of their strategic plan, helping facilitate regional meetings, and jumping in wherever they need my help in the team.

Q: How’s it going so far? Can you share a little about what you’re looking forward to most?

Miriam: Northspan does a lot of work, and we do it quickly and nimbly. I am fast learning and connecting, and I look forward to getting out and helping communities grow.

You can learn more about Miriam’s background and expertise here. Get in touch with Miriam by phone at (218) 481-7737 or by email at mkero@northspan.org.