Q&A: Ashley Luna, Northspan Operations Specialist

Ashley Luna assists in administrative operations for the Northspan team and provides logistical support for regional partnerships. She also works on Northspan-powered programs such as Northland Connection, NORTHFORCE, and the Welcoming Community program.

Ash previously worked for a nonprofit organization providing advocacy and case management services to at-risk youth in the Duluth area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

How did you first join Northspan? 

I joined the Northspan team in March 2021. I was drawn to the role as it offered the opportunity to work with a team that is deeply involved in the region with various different community, business, and organizational projects. I was also interested in the opportunity to continue to grow my professional skills and put them to use with the team at Northspan.

Do any highlights stand out in your mind from special projects or initiatives? 

Working with the NORTHFORCE program has taught me so much about the regional workforce and the groups working to recruit and maintain staff, organizations offering training and assistance for career development, and the efforts of regional employers to respond to the changing needs of the workforce.

I really enjoy assisting with Welcoming Community programming and learning about welcoming efforts and challenges from regional community members and leaders.

Can you share a little about what you enjoy the most about working with Northspan?

What I enjoy most about Northspan is learning about all the different groups, organizations, and people in our region that are working on so many projects to make the region we live in better. I also enjoy working with a team of talented individuals that I am continuously learning from.

Learn more about Ash’s background and areas of expertise here. You can also connect with Ash by phone at (218) 481-7737 or by email at aluna@northspan.org.