Northspan Responds to COVID-19 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way we all do business. At Northspan, we’ve sought to stay on the front end of this challenge and tailor our offerings to meet the needs of the businesses, communities, and organizations we serve. Several of our long-running services and programs are on hand to help:

Business Assistance: Northspan has compiled a long list of resources for small businesses and will continue to update this list as new information emerges. Most notably, funding is available through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) the Small Business Administration (SBA). Note that applications for DEED funding must go through one of the approved DEED lenders, which are the Entrepreneur Fund and the Northland Foundation in northeast Minnesota.

Recently, Northspan team members began a contract to provide Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consulting services in northeast Minnesota in partnership with the Northland Foundation. To sign up for SBDC services, create an account here:

We also have extensive experience working out with SBA. If you or a business you know needs assistance, reach out to us today and we’ll connect you with the most relevant resources. Contact Bob Palmquist at and Amanda Vuicich at

Crisis Response Facilitation: Northspan emerged in the 1980s when northeast Minnesota’s unemployment rates were among the highest in the nation. We got through those times, and we can get through these as well. Northspan is here to guide its partners through difficult community conversations and respond to the direct effects of any economic challenges in our communities. Contact us if you need assistance coordinating your community’s response. Contact Elissa Hansen at

Business Valuation and Succession Planning: Times of crisis are a reminder of the importance for planning for the future and protecting against the unexpected. Northspan recently secured a new round of grant support from the Blandin Foundation to continue offering its business valuation and succession planning services at a reduced rate. Let us help you understand your business’s situation, develop an emergency succession plan, and prepare for an orderly leadership transition on your own terms. Contact Bob Palmquist at

NORTHFORCE: As COVID-19 changes the job market as we know it, NORTHFORCE stands ready to assist jobseekers and employers. As always, our personalized touch allows NORTHFORCE to connect people to jobs directly. If you’re looking for a job or have openings you need to fill, connect with our NORTHFORCE consultants. Contact Krissy Johnson at or Stephanie Skraba at

Northland Connection: How will coronavirus affect the regional economy? How will the commercial real estate market hold up? Will trends in site selection change as companies worry about global logistics networks and layoffs leave us with an unwelcome solution to our workforce shortages? Northland Connection research staff is doing its best to stay on top of these trends and will look to share its insights in the coming months. Contact Karl Schuettler at

While the Northspan staff is working from home through this crisis, we remain at full capacity and are ready to help us all get through this together.