Northland Connection Launches New Website

Northland Connection has launched a new website with improved automation and an enhanced property search platform. continues to host the region’s premiere commercial real estate database covering eight counties in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. It also provides customizable overviews of different communities, and an expanded feature allows users to create community profile infographics. 

Northland Connection website

In addition, Northland Connection is home to a wide array of public economic development research tools and resources, allowing users to access a wealth of detailed data for free. These include:  

  • Property Search & Analysis: Find optimal business locations using this powerful real estate search along with demographic and industry analysis.
  • Community Infographic: Generate interactive infographics illustrating key data about the region and communities within it.
  • Talent Pool: Research, analyze, and map data about area universities and degrees to gauge labor supply and demand.
  • Demographics: Access detailed and interactive data for households and people living and working in the Northland.
  • Labor Force: Get data about businesses in the area and the employees who keep them running.
  • Business and Industry Clusters: Search for businesses and explore industry clusters to discover your competitors and customers.  
  • Consumer Expenditures: See spending patterns with charts and heatmaps for categories like apparel and education.
  • Occupation Data: Use thematic maps to picture hourly and annual wage data for hundreds of occupations.
  • Dynamic Maps: Visualize data with this easy-to-use mapping tool for GIS and demographic variables.
  • Community Search and Analysis: Learn about the communities in your region through data points by city, township, or county.
  • Community Comparison: Compare Northland communities with others in the region or across the United States.  

While Northland Connection is primarily geared toward businesses and developers seeking locations, the data housedNorthland Connection property search in Northland Connection can be of interest to anyone researching the region. A quick perusal of the site can reveal surprising insights and trends. For instance, the work transportation section indicates that a growing percentage of the region’s labor force (13.56% as of now) works from home. 

Northland Connection serves community and economic development partners, businesses, and organizations seeking property information or economic data. Northland Connection staff are knowledgeable about the region and happy to connect you with other resources and entities that can help with research projects. Many Northland Connection services are free, and our staff can also assist with in-depth requests on a consulting basis. If you have a project that could benefit from local data or analysis, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

You can view this press release and other news updates on the Northspan blog. 

For more information, please contact Northspan Consultant and Northland Connection Program Manager Shaun Hainey at 


Northland Connection provides a curated database of commercial real estate as well as economic development data and analysis to recruit, expand, and retain businesses across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Northland Connection is a Northspan program powered in collaboration with private and public funding partners. Learn more at