Northland Connection by the Numbers: 2020

At Northland Connection’s Q4 meeting in December, we took a look back over 2020 — a year which was unusual, to say the least. 

Despite the unforeseeable impacts of COVID-19, which resulted in some lower meeting attendances than in past years, 2020 saw healthy demand for Northland Connection data and services. In total, Northland Connection staff handled 72 data requests or property searches through our real estate database, Business IQ.

Glancing over the system, as of March 2021, the Northland Connection database hosted: 

  • 472 properties
  • 230 sites
  • 236 buildings, including: 
    • 186 office 
    • 131 commercial
    • 69 industrial/warehouse

New property search trends that emerged in 2020 include some poking around for downtown office space as well as smaller office spaces.

Continuing trends include sustained demand for 20,000+ square foot industrial buildings, potential child care facilities, and shovel-ready sites.

Early 2021 saw a significant uptick in the number of office properties in the system, likely reflecting some of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on office work.

We’re looking forward to responding to your Northland data and property-related requests — reach out to us anytime!