NORTHFORCE Launches Student Connect

In January 2021, NORTHFORCE launched new programming to retain talent locally: Student Connect.

The effort will center around eight Student Connect professional development programming opportunities throughout the first half of 2021. Four will host business meet-and-greets featuring major local employers including PolyMet Mining, the Area Partnership for Economic Expansion (APEX), and more. The other four will explore professional development topics tailored for Northland students.

“We designed Student Connect to meet the needs that have been clearly and repeatedly expressed by regional employers and our partners in workforce development and the education sector,” said Northspan President & CEO Elissa Hansen. “COVID-10 adds a whole new layer of complexity, but these conversations have been evolving in the same direction for years, along with our plans for Student Connect.”

Student attendance is unlimited at each virtual Student Connect session, all of which are free and open to students of all majors/minors/interests from all 12 of the NORTHFORCE region’s colleges and universities. Learn more about Student Connect here.