Featured Property: Cohasset Industrial Park

The Cohasset Industrial Park has 300 acres for sale along U.S. Highway 2 and Industrial Boulevard in Cohasset, Minnesota. The CIP features parcels ranging from 2.5 acres and larger with excellent elevation and drainage. All sites have clear access in and out of the CIP and to major roadways in the region.

Cohasset brings small-town ease to businesses looking for lower tax rates, lower permitting fees, and speed in addressing special interests and requests. Cohasset strives to differentiate itself from typical city governments by removing red tape so your business can thrive. 

Work is in progress to certify a Phase II expansion area of the park as Minnesota Shovel-Ready. Utilities are in place including municipal water and wastewater, natural gas, 3-Phase power, and fiber optic.

Transportation Highlights

  • Ten-ton road
  • 7.2 miles to Grand Rapids – Itasca County Airport
  • 2.5 miles to nearest port (Mississippi River)
  • 77.3 miles to I-35

Contact for more information: Nichole Arbour, Northland SBDC, 218-326-9411, narbour@itascadv.org.

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Cohasset Industrial Park

Cohasset Industrial Park