Featured Partner: Minnesota Power

Minnesota Power has been a Northland Connection partner since the program’s inception in 1987. Its regional development team works in close coordination with Northland Connection to coordinate regional economic development activity, align local and regional partners, and grow the economy.

Northspan staff helps Minnesota Power respond to RFIs from business expansion prospects, provides data that supports marketing efforts and understanding of the regional economy, and hosts information on Minnesota Power rates and incentives on NorthlandConnection.com.

Northland Connection and Minnesota Power collaborate regularly on initiatives that help drive regional business. In recent years, the two organizations have coordinated with other regional partners to lead a push for sites to complete DEED’s Shovel Ready certification process. Minnesota Power provided financial support for a Shovel Ready application for the Range Regional Airport Industrial Airpark, which was certified in 2019. It has also driven a similar process for the Laskin Energy Park, which is adjacent to Minnesota Power’s Laskin Energy Center in Hoyt Lakes.

Minnesota Power continually seeks creative new ways to support economic development in its service territory. In 2018, Minnesota Power created an incentive program for new or existing businesses to increase electric demand by at least 350 kW. This program will help area businesses achieve savings for up to five years post-expansion and keep Minnesota Power competitive with incentives offered by utilities nationwide.

Minnesota Power representation on the Northland Connection advisory committee has been led by Regional Development Lead Arik Forsman and Regional Development Representative Claire Peterlin.

Learn more at mnpower.com.