Featured Partner: Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation

Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation is one of Northland Connection’s most long-term partners. This State of Minnesota agency invests resources to foster vibrant growth and economic prosperity in northeastern Minnesota by enhancing livable communities, maximizing collaborations and partnerships and strengthening businesses and worker education. The agency has supported Northland Connection since its inception. The two organizations have collaborated on initiatives to attract new businesses as well as help existing businesses expand. Last month Northland Connection provided available building data when the agency assisted Delta Air Lines in opening a second Customer Care Center on the Iron Range in order to social distance its 450 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Northland Connection and Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation have expanded their partnership in recent years. In 2019 a new data exporting tool enabled Northland Connection’s property database to directly populate the agency’s property database
Northland Connection thanks Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation for its support and looks forward to growing the economy of northeastern Minnesota together.