Case Study: Northland Foundation Child Care Community Solutions Action Plans


Challenge: Silver Bay faced an 833% deficit in available child care slots in late 2019, which was by far the highest number in the region. The shortage was so dire that partners from a wide range of areas knew they needed to come together to find a solution but weren’t sure what direction their efforts would take. Similarly, Chisholm and the communities of East Range also faced child care slot shortfalls. 


Role: Developed the Community Solutions Action Plan to guide the processes in Silver Bay, Chisholm, and on the East Range. In Silver Bay, convened numerous stakeholder meetings, conducted extensive survey work, and worked to bring a diverse array of partners together to support and fund the project. On the East Range, worked with a potential provider on funding for a project. Provided support as necessary for the Chisholm project. 


Results: Little Mariners Child Care Center located in William Kelley School opened in 2020 with financial and logistical support from a long list of community partners. Efforts to develop projects in Chisholm and on the East Range are ongoing. 


References: Tony Sertich, Northland Foundation,, 218.723.4040; Chris Ismil, IRRR,, 218.735.3010