Case Study: North Pine Area Hospital District Summit Facilitation


Challenge: The North Pine Area Hospital District, a region of 18 communities in northern Pine County, Minnesota, sought to hold a one-day summit in November 2020 to discuss local health care challenges, explore possible ways forward, and identify the Hospital District’s role in delivering these solutions. 

Role: Northspan facilitated a single-day virtual conference, including preparation of the agenda, administration of a survey, and facilitation of workshops to identify challenges and actions to address them. 22 stakeholders from health care and local communities attended the sessions. 

Results: The Hospital District came away with a new understanding of its current reality, success indicators, and accomplishments to address its challenges. Using this framework, a Health Care Leaders Coalition was created, which has been an ongoing exchange of information and pursuit of collaborative initiatives. Another initiative established was a Job Board, where providers advertise their open positions on the Hospital District website and newsletter. Finally, the Hospital District now publishes news from the local health care providers in a quarterly newsletter and website.  

All initiatives have been very successful and continue to be priorities for the Hospital District. 

Reference: Kris Sundberg, North Pine Area Hospital District Communications Consultant,